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«Fashion fades, only style remains the same»
© Coco Chanel

The fashion app Clamotty for mobile world:
your virtual Fashion Stylist!

How to make a good impression? How to look decent for any occasion? Clothes can tell a lot about a person. Creating a personal style is not an easy task though. Clamotty will help you simplify it.

The fashion app Clamotty will become your personal advisor in anything concerning your wardrobe. Looking stylish all the time, following every piece of news in the fashion world, quickly creating a perfect outfit, sorting and organising clothes, and even packing a suitcase for a trip, – all that will become an exciting game on your smartphone, which will make your life easier in reality!

Style Assistant in an App:
What, Where & When to wear?

Every outfit has its time and place. The system "Purpose, Environment, Season", abbreviated PES, was especially created for Clamotty app on the basis of an exclusive patented algorithm for outfits design. PES will help you decide What, Where & When to wear.

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Mobile Clothes Organizer:
Entire Wardrobe in your Smartphone

You are getting picked up in one hour. Everyone has been waiting for this party for a whole month! The evening ought to be unforgettable! And here you are, standing before your closet wide opened, with all the drawers pulled out, big pile of clothes thrown on the bed, and nothing to wear! Sounds familiar? And you still have to put on the makeup, fix your hair, and find the right accessories...

This will never happen again! Having your wardrobe at your fingertips, you can quickly create your perfect outfit, discover accessories to complete it, so all you have to do is to take these items out of your closet!

Your mobile Fashion Assistant:
Perfect Outfits

Fashion designers claim that the key to success is in the basic wardrobe. Owning only a number of essentials will help you create outfits for any occasion. Clamotty – Fashion Stylist will simplify this task for you. Match clothing items by colour and style, combine them with different accessories, - your wardrobe will present unlimited possibilities!

Does your outfit feel incomplete? Cannot find proper accessories? Clamotty in your smartphone will let you know about it in advance, and you will have enough time to find what you need, and save your time and energy!

Suit case

Luggage Checklist:
Useful Packing App

Wherever you are travelling on business or pleasure, it is important to choose wisely your outfits and accessories that you are planning to take along. With Clamotty you can do it with few finger moves. Plan your outfits, pack a digital suitcase, and save time and energy! When packing the real suitcase, mark off items in the list of your virtual helper, this way nothing will be left behind!

Shopping Companion App:
Smart Wish List

New collections in the stores aspire you refresh your wardrobe. It does not necessarily mean that you ought to throw your favourite pair of pants away, just because it is a last season item! Clamotty will come to rescue: all you've got to do is match a new blouse or a shirt to your pants and add couple of trendy accessories.

Create your own wish list: photograph or scan barcodes of new collection items you liked, match them to what you already own, and refresh your wardrobe with personally created outfits. While doing that, you will easily select and delete unnecessary garments, and purchase only the right things.


Planning Assistant:
Calendar App

An important business meeting is coming up. You plan your outfit in advance. You have met an important client about two months ago, and now you would like to make a good impression and not to repeat your previous look. Clamotty's Calendar will help you avoid embarrassment: you can check out what you wore last time and plan the next outfit for a future meeting.

Fashion Guide in your Smartphone:
Fashion Trends und Fashion News

Modern world is an endless stream of information. Everything changes rapidly and it is hard to follow the news. The fashion app Clamotty for smartphones will guide you in the world of fashion and new trends. Now all the latest news will be in your smartphone!

Trends & News
Connect & Share

Social Media & Fashion:
Connect & Share Application

Your shopping tour was a success! You've got to share the excitement with your friends and hear their opinion on your purchase! Save the photos of your new clothes to the Wardrobe of Clamotty and share the images of your freshly created outfits on any social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co! Comments and likes are on their way ;)

Free Registration through the App:
Even More Possibilities!

Register yourself for free through the Clamotty application for smartphones: it will provide you with further possibilities! A virtual personal stylist, created on the basis of an exclusive patented algorithm for outfits design, will create your outfits from your own wardrobe items! Besides, the registration will give you the possibility to synchronize between your smartphone and a tablet or a computer; at the same time your data will be kept safely on our server.

Free Registration
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